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Thursday, August 22, 2019

भरतपुरकी उपमेर रविलाई भेटेपछि भनिन्, ‘रवी भाग्ने मान्छे होइन उसलाई बाहिर राखेर पनि अनुसन्धान गर्न सकिन्छ’ (भिडियो)

Samjhana Ghimire Pudasaini, wife of deceased journalist Shalikram Pudasaini filed a complaint against TV show host Rabi Lamichhane, Yuvaraj Kadel and Asmita Karki in connection with the de…ath of her husband.The complaint was filed with Chitwan District Police through Metropolitan Police Range, Teku.Pudasaini was found de..ad han…ging from a ceiling fan inside a hotel room in Chitwan at around 10:00pm on August 5.

A video footage purportedly recorded by Pudasaini on his mobile phone, before he committed sui…cide, had surfaced through online news portals. It accuses the current affairs television host Lamichhane, his colleague Kandel and Karki for his de..ath. Following the video leak, police on August 15 held all three and sent them to Chitwan District Police Office. Chitwan District Court, the next day, remanded them to five days judicial custody.Deputy Superintendent of Police Hobindra Bogati of MPR Teku said, “Today we registered a First Information Report filed by Samjhana, wife of Shalikram and sent a sealed copy of it to Chitwan police.”

The new criminal code, has a provision allowing a person to file a complaint at any police station in the country, while investigation should be undertaken in the area of crime. Section 185 of the Criminal Code Act which was endorsed a year ago, has criminalised abetting su….icide. Anyone found guilty of the crime can face jail sentence of five years or Rs 50,000 fine, or both. Earlier, there was no law regarding persons who abetted sui….cide.

Meanwhile, a team deployed from Central Bureau of Investigation arrived to assist in the investigation in Chitwan .Deputy Superintendent of Police Ek Narayan Koirala at Chitwan District Police Office said the CIB team had come to assist the police in the investigation process. “A four-member CIB team will aid the police in investigation, including in the technical side. The team has already started its work” DSP Koirala added.Chitwan Police Office has deployed an investigation team led by a DSP to probe the incident. “The team has started its probe since Pudasaini was found de…ad”, Koirala stated.